SoarTech Awarded Contract for Intelligent Workload Monitoring and Task Sharing within Multi-UAS Teams

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Soar Technology, Inc. (SoarTech) has been awarded a contract from the United States Air Force Research Laboratory’s Airman Systems Directorate (711HPW/RH) to develop technology for multi-vehicle control stations that will enable dynamic task sharing and intelligent task handoff across distributed teams of airmen. In current operations, a team of human operators, often distributed across multiple locations, is required to control a single unmanned vehicle. While team coordination is relatively simple when a mission is proceeding normally, when something goes wrong, team members can quickly become bogged down and overwhelmed.

Savant will use physiological and task-based workload assessment to recognize when tasks should be handed off, and to whom they should be handed. Savant will build on our prior work with Computational Situation Awareness (CSA) to enable improved situation awareness across the operator team. CSA allows the assignee to be quickly brought up to speed with situation awareness to effectively handle the new tasking. This dynamic task sharing – the ability to quickly and smoothly re-assign tasks and responsibilities – will enable the team to better manage peaks in demand during mission execution vastly improving team coordination

“We’re excited to be partnering with 711HPW/RH on Savant” said Andrew Dallas, SoarTech Vice President Federal Systems. “This project presents an opportunity to continue expanding our situational awareness work while helping teams improve task management and implementation.”

For more information about this award, please contact Lindsay Bayles,

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