SoarTech Awarded Contract for SoarTech Analyst Virtual Assistant (STAVA)

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Soar Technology, Inc. (SoarTech) has been awarded a contract from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) through a competitive bid under the Boosting Innovative GEOINT (BIG) program to research artificial intelligence capabilities, specifically in the next generation of web-based analysts assistant technology. SoarTech will research an intelligent data monitoring and cartographic design aid called the SoarTech Analyst Virtual Assistant (STAVA), and will be supported on this effort by Esri, a global leader in mapping and spatial analytics systems.

STAVA will combine SoarTech’s prior research in artificial intelligence and human-computer symbiosis technologies, including the Weaver adaptive display manager, with new algorithms for automated data understanding, design reasoning, and explanation generation.  STAVA will facilitate analyst management and understanding of large, persistent, data sets by providing automated mining of streamed data to alert analysts to opportunities to reconfigure their data processing and data visualization systems.  Primary challenges to this work include developing techniques to model analyst data management and visual design decision-making and applying these models to drive machine-learning tools.

“The potential research results from SoarTech, one of four complimentary projects, would provide NGA with great opportunities to explore how humans and machines can team together to sift, sort, and process in a data rich environment,” said Amanda Weaver, NGA Senior GEOINT Officer. “Analysts seek new, different and efficient ways to process information for customer consequence.”

For more information about this award, please contact Lindsay Bayles,

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