SoarTech to Hold Cognitive Systems Tutorial at I/ITSEC 2018

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IITSEC attendees, plan to arrive early Monday morning so you won’t miss the always popular tutorial by SoarTech’s Dr. Randy Jones and Dr. Dylan Schmorrow, An Introduction to Cognitive Systems for Modeling. The updated talk is listed in Track 7, Best Tutorials, and will be held from 0830 – 1000 in Room S320GH.

Presenters will provide an introduction to cognitive systems, concentrating on symbolic computation and high-level design of human-like reasoning systems. Examples and comparisons will be drawn from existing systems, focusing on tradeoffs between cognitive and non-cognitive approaches. The tutorial content does not require any specialized knowledge, but some experience with software engineering or behavior modeling can be helpful. Attendees will learn to recognize problems that suggest cognitively based solutions, and they will be better able to assess risks, costs, and benefits of different approaches. This tutorial is targeted toward developers who are interested in cognitive approaches to software engineering, as well as customers who have problems that may be amenable to a cognitive approach.

This tutorial reflects insights gleaned from AI’s 3rd wave, including context-adaptive AI (as described in A DARPA Perspective on Artificial Intelligence).  The approaches discussed will be drawn from SoarTech’s successful research and development efforts, which collectively span the three waves of AI: Handcrafted knowledge (decision-oriented programming), Statistical Learning, and Contextual Adaptation. Today, “SoarTech’s AI can be defined as a programmed ability to perceive, reason, abstract/apply, act, learn, and work cooperatively with humans” (van Lent, 2018), a 3rd wave achievement that enables contextual adaptability.

Tutorials and Professional Development Workshops are open to everyone; the SoarTech tutorial is also CEU Eligible. See the IITSEC program for details on how to apply for CEUs offered at tutorials and workshops.

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