SoarTech Cyber Team to Present “How to Build Synthetic Persons in Cyberspace” at Black Hat Europe 2018

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Two members of SoarTech’s Cyberspace team, Dr. Fernando Maymi and Alex Nickels, will be presenting at Black Hat Europe 2018 on Thursday, December 6th. Their talk, titled “How to Build Synthetic Persons in Cyberspace” will describe SoarTech’s research and development of a family of Cyberspace Cognitive (CyCog) agents that can behave like attackers, defenders or users in a network. The attacker agent (CyCog-A) was developed to train defenders while its defensive counterpart (CyCog-D) was intended to help develop penetration testers. The user agent (CyCog-U), on the other hand, is much more versatile in that it can support either type of training. Furthermore, since these synthetic users are models of real people on a network, they can display behaviors that can either hinder or assist attackers and/or defenders. Our experiences and successes point to current gaps as well as future threats and opportunities. From the need for scalable cyberspace mapping techniques to our work in modeling behaviors to the lessons learned in human-machine teaming, the CyCog family of agents is opening a new dimension in cyberspace operations research and development.

Learn more about the research and their presentation in an interview with Dr. Maymi on DARKReading here.

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