SoarTech Joins VR/AR Association

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SoarTech, the artificial intelligence experts, is happy to announce its membership with the Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality Association (VRARA).

Rooted in cognitive science research and decades fielding artificial intelligence solutions, SoarTech builds systems for government, commercial, and military applications that process large amounts of data, emulate human decision making, and enhance human capabilities.

“Whether as part of a team or with our clients, partnership is important to everything we do,” said Teresa Speck, Director of Strategic Partnerships. “Partnering with VRARA is an additional way we are supporting the growth of this important industry.”

SoarTech employs knowledge leaders in research and engineering to create unique solutions that save time, money, and lives in a variety of ways, including:


As a true teammate, SoarTech’s autonomous AI applies human reasoning-based research, is functional in multiple capability areas and adaptable to a variety of unmanned platforms.

Situational Awareness

SoarTech situational awareness intelligence helps humans make decisions in complex environments and provides a variety of operational and risk assessments, which result in superior planning and mission outcomes. 

Human-Machine Interaction

Using intelligent behavior models and a bottom-up approach to solutions, SoarTech develops, tests, and fields robust technology with customizable user-interfaces for use in general and austere environments.

LVC – Simulation and Training

SoarTech’s intelligent software enables the construction of complex simulations that are adaptive to various training needs and scenarios and prioritize user-centered design.


In the area of medicine, SoarTech develops adaptive and immersive training environments with applications for the military and civilian community, saving lives, time and money.  

As part of SoarTech’s membership in VRARA, Speck will chair its new committee, the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Digital Twin committee. “This is a wonderful opportunity for SoarTech to partner with our companies with similar visions for the VR/AR community, and joining VRARA will help SoarTech, and companies like us, promote the responsible development and use of tools that enhance human capabilities,” said Speck.

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