Scientist Spotlight: Lauren Massey

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Lauren Massey is a research associate at SoarTech currently pursuing her doctorate in modeling and simulation at University of Central Florida concurrent to her scientific efforts here at SoarTech. Lauren joined SoarTech in 2015 after graduating from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach with a Bachelor’s in Human Factors Psychology and a Masters in Software Engineering with a focus in Cybersecurity. 

About working at SoarTech, she said, “I love the people, I love the synergy. It’s never about one person, it’s about all of us and about steering the big ship down the right path.”

Lauren’s recent work has had an emphasis on social cyber, understanding how technology can better protect people from digital misinformation, fake news, and social engineering attacks and how we can better train individuals to recognize these sources and stop them from causing harm or misinformation spread.

Growing up near Houston for most of her life, Lauren was inspired by NASA’s work, and wanted to be an astronaut. She has always had a passion for the scientific pursuit and wanted to solve problems that were out of this world. Her experience at Embry Riddle fueled this scientific passion and has allowed her to find a career that allows her to still solve tough problems, even if they do not involve black holes or deep space. 

Outside of work, Lauren enjoys volunteering at local universities and supporting student leadership development efforts within the college environment. Her involvement as a mentor supports college students and organizations across several central Florida universities in their efforts to support their local communities and the surrounding areas. 

“At the end of the day, humans are the center point,” Lauren said. “We are making technology to support humans by developing training solutions and enhancing their decision-making abilities.”   

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