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Victor Hung graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a bachelor’s and master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering, then earned his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the University of Central Florida. After spending many years as a software engineer for large defense contractors, Victor joined SoarTech as a Research Scientist. “I was eager to pivot toward working in the more niche science and technology sector of the defense industry,” Victor explained. 

From an early age, Victor was always been fascinated with computers, mathematics and technology. “Being an engineer was a very probable career trajectory for me,” he explained. “Being a scientist in the computer industry was a new concept to me prior to joining SoarTech, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to take on this role as a maturation of my past experience as an engineer.” 

One of Victor’s favorite things about working at SoarTech is feeling “at home” in the environment — “one that encourages innovation, perseverance, and critical thinking.”  

When it comes to solving complex problems, particularly tough military problems, one with a technical focus that Victor has enjoyed contributing to as an engineer and as a scientist, is the instantiation of autonomous agents in simulation-based military training exercises. 

“Military decisions, big and small, have very consequential effects, so protecting the roles and responsibilities of the human decision-maker is crucial when designing any automated solution delivered to the Department of Defense,” Victor added. 

During his time at SoarTech, Victor says it’s hard to pinpoint a single accomplishment that he would label as his “greatest.”   

“With my entire career path effectively devoted to DoD contracting, I view my contributions to the industry as smaller building blocks to the larger mission at hand, which is upholding National Security,” Victor explained. “That said, I prefer to consider my entire body of work at SoarTech as my most cherished accomplishment, as this tenure has allowed me to continue to serve my country with opportunities that protect our warfighters in support of this overarching mission.” 

When Victor is not busy at SoarTech, he enjoys traveling with his wife to tropical locales and spending time with friends and family – both in person and virtually. He also is a runner, actively training for 5k and half-marathon races. 

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