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From a young age, all Raymond Bacco wanted to do was be a Marine. He was also mechanically inclined and as he grew older, knew he would enjoy engineering work. “I am very blessed to have been able to do both,” he said.

Bacco earned an electrical engineering and computer science degree from University of California, Berkeley and learned about SoarTech when a good friend of his interned at SoarTech. “My friend told me that both the company and the work was cool, so I was really excited to apply.”

Today, Raymond is a software engineer at SoarTech, after serving our nation as a U.S. Marine. “Being a former infantry Marine, I am well aware of the difficulties faced by frontline units,” he explained. “My favorite thing about working for SoarTech is that my work will have a direct affect supporting the warfighters of the future and could potentially save Marine and soldier lives.”

Since joining SoarTech, one of the military problems that Raymond has enjoyed working on is

using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify the possible intentions of individuals in order to help better inform military personnel. “I believe that using AI systems for tough military problems can in many ways help save lives on the battlefield. AI systems can be used to gather information or solve problems in such a way that keeps military personnel out of harm’s way.”

When Raymond is away from the office, he really enjoys 3D printing. “I have my own 3D printer and have been looking into building a second,” he explained. “I am always designing, then 3D printing it — everything from parts for small robot projects to Star Wars X-wings.”

He also enjoys woodworking, and although he hasn’t been able to do as much since moving to Michigan, he is slowly starting to get more tools and build up his workshop so he can get back to building things out of beautiful exotic woods.

“My personal favorite accomplishment at SoarTech has been designing and building the additions to a robot necessary to accomplish a project’s task,” he said. “I got to use my CAD skills to layout and build a really cool robot.”

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