Dr. Kay Michel Brings Decades of Experience to SoarTech

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Dr. Kay Michel

Dr. Kay Michel has over 20 years of experience leading research & development (R&D) as a principal investigator, project engineer and chief software engineer of multimillion dollar programs in space, cyber, networks, and emerging technology, making her a great addition to the SoarTech scientific team.

“Dr. Michel’s expertise aligns incredibly well with SoarTech’s range of current and emerging capabilities,” said Denise Nicholson, Ph.D., SoarTech’s COO. “I am excited to see the impact that Kay’s influence can have to our growing portfolio of AI based cyber-social tools and techniques to combat this most critical threat to our nation’s military and intelligence stability that is being faced by public and private sectors alike!”

Joining SoarTech as a senior scientist, Dr. Michel’s tenure at Harris Corporation included leading cutting edge classified and unclassified technology that ranged from the first Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) USAF Space Satellite system to novel cyber and augmented Reality (AR) methods and visualizations for the Department of Defense (DoD) and government agencies. She most recently worked as chief engineer of the Hyper-enabled Operator (HEO) SOCOM S&T Special Operations advanced and future technology. In addition, she was a game design professor at FIT, computer scientist on the Space Shuttle at Kennedy Space Center (KSC), advanced communications instructor for Motorola, and market/competitive analyst.

In recent years, Kay was awarded a Dean’s Full Academic Scholarship at Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) for a Ph.D. in computer science.  Her research was funded by the U.S. government with the dissertation, A Bio-inspired Classification System for Cyber-Physical-Human Identity Resolution, which includes a range of models for determining human vs. non-humans, demographic profiles, cybercriminal types, and unique person identities.

Her advisor, Dr. Michael King, is a biometrics and identity intelligence expert serving 10+ years as a scientific research/program management professional in the U.S. Intelligence Community and lead of the IARPA Biometric Exploitation Science and Technology (BEST) Program.  Kay’s recent published papers include topics of identity, bots, misinformation, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and influence in social networks. The latest paper, co-authored with Ph.D. students and professors from FIT and Auburn University, is A Study of Social Network Messages During the COVID-19 Infodemic: Salient Features and the Propagation of Information Types. She has spoken on cyber identity and related topics at IEEE conferences in Oxford University in England and Tufts University in Massachusetts.  Dr. Michel is excited to join fellow SoarTech scientists and continue advancing technology to protect our military and the United States of America from future harm. 

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