How SoarTech Began Our Journey

Soar Technology, Inc. (SoarTech) is a spin-off of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Laboratory at the University of Michigan rooted in cognitive science and innovative multi-disciplinary research. With a deep understanding of human perception, memory, performance, learning, and emotion, our SoarTech team of scientists and engineers from leading universities integrates domain knowledge analysis and systems engineering with user design features that perform the way humans do.

Our AI research has resulted in complex algorithms that learn and adapt to new information and situations providing AI capable of explanation and other key innovations required to enable Legal, Moral, and Ethical (LME) standards. In addition, our Soar Cognitive Architecture is built with a scientific base and encoded with computational cognitive design, and it enables the creation of autonomous software agents that can assess large amounts of human knowledge and put that knowledge to work assisting human decision-making.

At SoarTech, we believe AI is most effective as a force-multiplier for humans.

That is why we pride ourselves in combining knowledge leaders in research and engineering to create unique solutions that save time, money, and lives — solutions for our military’s toughest problems.

Meet the SoarTech Leadership Team

Dylan Schmorrow, Ph.D.

President and CTO

Denise Nicholson, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer

Charlie Kola

Chief Financial Officer

Kenneth D. Nachbar

VP of Operations


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