Human-Centered AI
for the Military’s Toughest Problems

Whether our clients need to plan for real-world missions, or take control of their training needs, SoarTech develops robust capabilities built on trust. Get to know what we offer and how we’re making a difference in the lives of our warfighters.
  • AssistMATE™

    Autonomous Virtual Assistants for complex human tasks

  • Scenario Director™

    Take control of your training needs.

  • EpEx™

    A robust diagnostics and explanation engine for dynamic complex systems.

  • SwarmMATE™

    Swarming unmanned systems for real-world missions.

  • AITeamMATE™

    Intelligent. Interactive. Trustworthy.

  • TrustMATE™

    The MATE you can rely on when reliance is needed most.

  • SpeechZero™

    AI-powered speech recognition and synthesis. Zero data. Zero cloud. Zero headaches.


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