Autonomous Virtual Assistants for complex human tasks

AssistMATE™ is a virtual assistant that helps maximize human operator performance or readiness in a variety of tasks, such as navigating an astronaut through a critical procedure, or helping a single operator manage a swarm of unmanned systems. A force multiplier, AssistMATE™ provides a natural interface for human operators to make easier work of complex systems, utilizing multi-modal dialogue to include not only speech, but gesture and even facial expressions.  AssistMATE™ reasons and interacts — just like a human — instilling confidence and trust among team members, bringing simplicity to complicated systems.

The perfect collaborator
for increasing an individual’s capability in every situation.

  • Acts as a teammate
    helping an operator perform
    complex tasks
  • Reasons and interacts
    flexibly like a human

  • Orchestrates tasks
    among multiple existing sub-systems

  • Integrates with existing tools
    to make them easier to use

What Domains Can It Impact?

  • Manned-Unmanned Teaming
  • System Operations and Maintenance
  • Human-System Interaction
  • Simulation
  • Counter-UAS

Proven Use-Cases

  • Manned-unmanned teaming with multiple UxS in different domains (air, ground)
  • Counter-UAS operations
  • Natural interfaces to complex systems (UxS, shipboard systems)
  • Walking an operator through complex task steps (e.g., system maintenance)


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