SoarTech applies AI techniques and cognitive science towards automating cyberspace operations, command and control, and training. SoarTech develops unique human-machine teaming solutions for these areas by leveraging expertise in cognitive architectures, machine learning, autonomy, tailored system approaches, decision making, cybersecurity, and cyberspace operations.

Automation and Autonomy for Cyberspace Operations and Training

Autonomous technology reduces cognitive workload, enables operations and training to scale, and is responsive in cyber-time. Our cyberspace agents go well beyond script-based approaches, providing adaptive, real-time reasoning and learning in support of a multitude of cyberspace functions, such as anomaly detection of adversarial actions, deployment of countermeasures to protect a network, adversary/defender emulation, and hunt-like activities.

Cyberspace Command and Control

SoarTech applies over a decade of experience developing role-relevant, adaptive, interactive devices towards command and control for cyberspace. These applications provide intelligent, multi-modal interfaces and two-way communication tailored and stylized to the role, knowledge, and skill of the cyberspace operator, analyst, or decision-maker. A management-by-exception control scheme enables humans to spend more time performing knowledge-intensive tasks and less time interacting with the system.

Trustworthy Systems

Autonomous systems have inherent cybersecurity challenges unique from systems where humans have full control. Recognizing that there is no foolproof cybersecurity mechanism, we architect autonomous systems to support meta-level reasoning, internal problem-solving, explanation-based representations, and bounded behavior. These mechanisms increase cyber-resiliency, fail-safe behavior, and human trust in the system.

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