Deciding is a natural part of cognition, and humans do it easily and naturally. At SoarTech, through a combination of techniques rooted in artificial intelligence, we build software to mimic this human decision making process and use it to automate complex tasks.


Anticipatory systems monitor activities and anticipate information needs based on a changing world. They understand roles and goals and provide users with necessary information in a useful way, when it’s needed. Anticipatory systems are being applied to everything from threat analysis to intelligent automobiles.


Cognitive information displays are based on an understanding of goals and what information is important, displayed in a manner most appropriate for the situation. At SoarTech, we develop cognitive information displays to interface with higher-level, multi-INT fused data and network security systems.



Power Structure Toolkit

A key problem in operations planning is understanding the breadth of the environment, including the potential second- and third-order effects of the plan on other aspects of the battlespace. Especially difficult is understanding the human networks involved and how they are impacted by a plan.

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