Exploring the Knowledge of
SoarTech’s Multidisciplinary Team of Experts

A glimpse into SoarTech reveals a multidisciplinary team of experts
representing a wide range of experiences, skills, and philosophies, with a passion for solving problems.
  • Autonomy

    Teaming autonomy, artificial intelligence and robotics for maximum outcomes.

  • Human Systems

    Continuously improving systems with human input while providing an effective experience between human and robot.

  • C4I

    Utilizing artificial intelligence to solve logistics and battlefield problems with the hopes of accelerating operations.

  • Medical

  • Cyber

    High Impact Enabling Cyber Technologies for both Training and Operations.

Research Scientists and Engineers Anchor the SoarTech Team

The Soar Tech Intelligent Training team includes more than a dozen doctoral-level research scientists in Modeling & Simulation, Computer Science, Optical Science, Computer Engineering, Theoretical Chemistry, Engineering Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology, and Human Systems Integration. All of whom are pursuing their passion at a company that supports their professional development and life/work balance.

SoarTech’s team also includes former military experts whose operational understanding of in-the-field problems leads to the development of practical, deployable technology solutions. The collaborative nature of Soar Tech’s innovative research is supported by company leadership’s open, encouraging style, and the personal drive of team members, many of whom share post-work activities that bond the team’s commitment to shared success.