High Impact Enabling Cyber Technologies for both Training and Operations.

SoarTech has garnered nearly a decade of experience in developing advanced AI-driven cyber capabilities that span network analysis, advanced LVC entities, training tools, and operationally significant strategic tools and agents.  Each of these capabilities were developed with the learner and user at the foremost of consideration through our human-centered design processes and ethos.

Red-Team-In-A-Box and Game Theory based strategy analysis capabilities have transcended application, enabling both training and operations users to either develop stronger talent or empower cyber warriors with powerful additional tools.  Other efforts, such as Us and Rampart, focus on the delivery of cyber and cyber-related training.

Us is an independent research and development (IRAD) developed tool that focuses on cognitively mapping social media populations to test and evaluate information operations (IO) concepts and training new IO warriors.

Rampart focuses on aiding the general population in understanding the importance and impact associated with the information they release on social media, as innocuous as they believe it to be.

SoarTech is actively developing technologies for the social-cyber space to support information operators to capture their analysis, organize data, and view analysis in novel visualizations to yield richer insights about key entities and behaviors to support more informed intel decisions.

AI-based Cyber solutions for the military’s toughest problems.
Empowering Warfighters with human-centered cyber capabilities

SoarTech has garnered nearly a decade of experience at providing novel AI-driven Cyber domain capabilities to the DoD.  SoarTech – broadly – employs a human-centered design and development approach that ensures our solutions are both of sufficiently cognitively representative and robust and of specific benefit and utility to the human end-user.

What Users Can It Impact?

  • Red and Blue Team Trainees

  • Advanced Pen Testers

  • Cyber Warriors and Information Operations Specialists

  • Professionals needing to learn the impact of their online behaviors

Proven Use-Cases

  • Cyber Warfare training against cognitive opponents and through game theory

  • Cyber Offensive and Defensive agents for operational use

  • Foundation for Cyber Swarming capabilities

  • Social Cyber IO training through cloning social media environments


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