Providing Critical Tools for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Warfighters

Warfighters will always be a vital component to any military system, making it critical to ensure the training, performance, and health of these most valuable assets. SoarTech has garnered decades of experience at providing training tools – in whole or part – to help maximize the potential of our Warfighters.

Training Capabilities

SoarTech has an established focus on developing high-impact training across a score of domains and modalities. SoarTech has experience at developing cross-cutting techniques such as automated assessment, event recognition, biometrics, and advanced recommendation systems that can enhance existing training suites and platforms.

Furthermore, SoarTech has developed multiple training systems for use across the DoD, including parachute descent part-take trainers, mission familiarization tool kits, digitization of PQS training materials, and aviation hypoxia training platforms.  SoarTech’s aim to leverage the most advance and applicable techniques to ensure optimal warfighter training.

Learning Sciences

SoarTech has unparalleled expertise at developing training and learning platforms that work.  Leveraging modern Learning Sciences principles and knowledge, our research staff is able to implement critical techniques to maximize learning and retention.

SoarTech has developed large suites of tools to address nearly any learning need, including: Adaptive Instructional Systems for personalized learning, Intelligent Tutoring Systems for guided and curated explorative learning and Ready Relevant Learning to ensure learning of material is provided in a timely and germane manner.


SoarTech has developed a library of medical part-task training capabilities aimed at providing experiential training across various aspect of medical care.  SoarTech has leveraged modern machine learning to train the mission critical speech required during patient handoffs to new caregivers, and is using modern Augmented Reality approaches to provide point-of-need training in combat casualty care.

SoarTech has also tapped the potential of modern Causal AI to generate a capability that provides hypothesized medical diagnosis recommendations, tests and measures to differentiate possible conditions, and suggested treatment options tailored to the austerity of available supplies and expertise.


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