Intern Kalonji Harrington: SoarTech’s Human-Centered AI is Big Draw

University of Maryland, College Park, student and SoarTech intern, Kalonji Harrington, is studying computer science with a specialization in machine learning and philosophy. He said that SoarTech’s emphasis on human-centered artificial intelligence (AI) was a big draw for him.

“The interaction between humans and AI and the various practical, as well as ethical concerns that arise from that, have always interested me,” he said. “SoarTech’s focus on it was something that separated it from many other companies.”

Kalonji said his favorite thing about working at SoarTech is the people. “They have been incredibly welcoming, and I’ve loved the environment of working at a small business that is more narrowly focused on a specific field.”

A major component of the ethics classes Kalonji has taken have addressed in what ways AI could influence human lives and to what extent those effects are permissible. “Having these interactions in mind when creating systems to ensure effectiveness and ethical compliance is a crucial part of shaping the future of AI in solving problems in our society,” he said.

Kalonji enjoys board games and ballroom dancing, and he volunteers for a high school robotics club.

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