Computer Generated Forces (CGFs) tend to require a great deal of user effort to keep the CGFs tasked and keep the user aware of what the CGFs are doing. Furthermore, every CGF system is different, with different user interfaces requiring significant learning time for operators to be effective. Users must conform to the idiosyncrasies of each CGF rather than the system conforming to user. We present an intelligent user interface (IUI) that raises the level of interaction to one of supervisory control, allowing a user to issue commands in more natural terms, and getting feedback from the CGFs in natural terms. We present some formative results that show the potential for significantly reducing the workload of CGF operators.


Taylor, G., B. Stensrud, et al. (2011). Formative Evaluation of an IUI for Supervisory Control of CGFs. Proceedings of Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation (BRIMS). Sundance, UT.

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