Since 1998, we’ve studied and modeled many kinds of human behavior in order to create systems that “think the way people think:” constantly learning, getting smarter, and adapting to new times and situations. Our work is rooted in cognitive science, a deep understanding of human perception, memory, performance, learning, and emotion. To this we add a careful an­alysis of domain knowledge, built into our systems so they work the way people work.

These technologies are being used to build intelligent control architectures in support of autonomous and collaborative robotic systems. Robotic intelligence frees humans from being “tethered” to a robot – and makes the robot a true “teammate” instead of a piece of equipment. SoarTech’s control architectures are capable of working with single or multiple platforms and incorporate autonomous behaviors for task planning and mission planning; moving in formation; approaching a detected object; forming, joining, or leaving a team; and learning behaviors from demonstration. Through this work, SoarTech has also become a leader in the development of smart and intuitive human/robot interface devices. Our Smart Interaction Device (SID) architecture is the core of this system and has been used for both ground and air robot interaction.

SoarTech has developed its robotic technical base by executing programs in robotics, teaming with known entities and programs in the field of robotics, and bringing in outside expertise in robotics as employees or consultants.

The overview describes our expertise in ground robotics. Note, our particular strength is in robot perception, robot planning/control, intelligent robot architectures, robot behaviors, human robotic interfaces, and cognitive reasoning that is critical for the continued advancement of autonomous and semi-autonomous robotics.

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