Intelligent Forces (IFORs) have advanced greatly over the past several years, especially in the tactical air domain. Recently, Soar Technology, Inc., applied our experience with IFORs to the domain of dismounted infantry. As a proof of concept, we developed an Army Ranger special operations force (SOF) team that performs a long-range reconnaissance mission. The team consists of dismounted infantry (DI) in the Joint Semi-automated Forces (JSAF) simulator. Each of the six team members is represented as a separate agent developed in the Soar cognitive architecture. While preliminary, this work shows the potential value of IFORs in the ground domain and serves as a basis for future development. This work will be included in the Joint Forces Command’s Unified Vision 2001 (UV01) exercise.


Taylor, G., F. Koss and P. E. Nielsen (2001). Special Operations Forces IFORS. 10th Conference on Computer Generated Forces and Behavioral Representation, Norfolk, VA.

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