Meet Our Engineers: Nick Paul

Nick Paul, an AI engineer III at SoarTech, earned his bachelor’s and master’s in computer science at Lawrence Technological University. He joined SoarTech because he has always been fascinated with artificial intelligence (AI), especially as a research field. “Being involved in a company that is a major part of cutting-edge AI research was very exciting to me,” he said. “I also desired the sense of community and purpose that smaller companies provide.”

Nick’s greatest accomplishment at SoarTech is the role he has played in winning, and then the on-going development of, one of the company’s largest projects. He enjoys pushing the state-of-the-art in several projects, specifically, the computer vision projects that trained satellites to detect objects and landmarks with higher accuracy than previously possible. “I have also enjoyed working on building a human-machine team to orchestrate large scale robotics missions in urban environments,” he said.

“Human-centered AI is the key to trustworthy, explainable, and reliable projects,” Nick explained. “A focus on using AI to empower humans instead of emulating them is crucial to solving the most challenging real-world problems.”

Nick has enjoyed technical problem solving since he was kid, and then after discovering programming and AI in high school, he has loved it ever since. Working at SoarTech, his favorite thing is being a part of a small, closely integrated community that is making significant advances in cutting-edge AI research.

When Nick has some time to himself, he loves exploring bike trails around Michigan with his wife, especially biking on Mackinac Island. “My wife and I enjoy teaching robotics and programming to elementary students, and when I have the time, I practice tricks on my yo-yo and have been a part of a few performances!”

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