Meet Our Interns: Gabe Allis from Michigan Technological University

Michigan Technological University student Gabe Ellis is a software engineer intern for the summer in SoarTech’s Ann Arbor office.

In his university program, he said he has enjoyed the capstone project the best. “It’s called an enterprise program and a group of undergrads work together to solve real-world problems, like designing a robot to explore abandoned mines for their re-use in the energy industry,” he said. “It’s pretty cool!”

While working at SoarTech, Gabe said he hopes to learn more about how SoarTech’s human-centered artificial intelligence solutions are key to addressing tough military problems. “I would like to learn more about what goes into the testing and development side of engineering. It’s something I haven’t had a lot of experience with, and would like practice in.

When Gabe isn’t studying or honing his skills at SoarTech, enjoys playing guitar, cross-country skiing and reading.

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