Patrick Sherry: A SoarTech Three Times Before Joining the Company

SoarTech electrical engineer, Patrick Sherry, earned both his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in computer science from the University of Michigan. While a student, he held three separate internships with SoarTech!

“My first SoarTech internship I worked on the project Apprentice, where I created a computer maze game for a computer to learn how to solve and DSOARS, a simulator I built in Unity of a city with cars and people,” Patrick said. “My second internship I worked on ISOLATE and developed the system UI for the human mission-wide commander, and the third internship I worked on ISOLATE again and created a path planner for some of the robots we used.”

He believes that human-centered AI is an important combination. “AI helps us to perform intelligent actions in dangerous locations without risking the lives of our human soldiers. However, humans can understand the ethical implications about certain actions that robots can’t understand, and can sanity check a robot’s decision before acting upon it to avoid having our robots execute unethical actions.”

One of his favorite college experiences was being on a team that built an autonomous boat. “The team competed with it in Florida and I got to go with them,” he said. “It was a great learning and friend-building experience to go to the competition and nighttime testing site, as well as and write code alongside his teammates each day, and find out what other team members were working on.

Patrick enjoys composing music in GarageBand, running while listening to music, and playing Smash Bros.

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