Scientist Spotlight: Brice Colby

Brice Colby joined SoarTech after graduate school because he wanted to get into the industry and practice what he learned in class. “While that (class) was interesting and exciting for a while, I missed the aspect of conducting research to solve novel problems — business problems tend to be pretty straight forward,” he said..” I also wanted to do work related to my dissertation research: intelligent tutoring. SoarTech allows me to do both, so it was a no-brainer for me!”

A research scientist, Brice earned his undergraduate degree from Utah State University and his graduate degree from Brigham Young University. With regard to human-centered AI solutions, he notes that current one-on-one human tutoring, which has been the gold standard for decades, is not a scalable solution. “However, technology today has reached a point where we can personalize and adapt instruction to learners through AI solutions (i.e., intelligent tutors),” he said.” I believe we can expand and enhance military training by developing intelligent tutors to educate and train students faster and better while opening up an instructor’s time to train on the things that need to be experienced rather than lectured.”

Along with his native language (English), Brice also knows Russian, a “decent amount” of Spanish, and is working on Japanese. He also occupies his spare time playing ultimate frisbee and creating landscape paintings.

Brice Colby, Research Scientist at SoarTech

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