SoarTech Celebrates Dr. Dylan Schmorrow’s 10-Year Anniversary

Soar Technology (SoarTech) recognized the 10-year work anniversary of its chief technology officer, Dr. Dylan Schmorrow, in July 2023.

Before joining SoarTech, Schmorrow served as a commissioned officer in the Navy, where he led efforts in research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E), as well as acquisitions. The Navy presented Schmorrow with “Top Scientist” and “Engineer of the Year” awards, among other honors during his active service, for his work in human-centered technology that had impacts across the Department of Defense (DoD).

“When Dylan retired from the DoD in 2013, we competed for his talent along with numerous other companies, and I knew it would be a real coup if we could ‘win the competition’ by getting him on our team – and I’m glad we did,” said Randy Jones, SoarTech co-founder. “That accomplishment has been one of the most significant contributors to SoarTech’s continuing growth and success over the past 10 years. His extensive scientific credentials, keen insights into human cognition, DoD experience, leadership skills, communication ability and personable nature make him a unique contributor and teammate who would help any cutting-edge technology firm thrive, and it’s clear how fortunate we are to have him.”

Schmorrow expressed gratitude for the opportunities he has received as he reflected on his 10 years with SoarTech. He specifically cited the passion and dedication of his colleagues, who “embraced the spirit of exploration” that has inspired him to push the boundaries of what was previously considered possible.

“Together, we’ve transformed the way we approach technological advancements and human-machine collaboration to shape the future of our industry,” Schmorrow said. “It’s through the collective efforts of our talented team that we’ve achieved milestones that once seemed unimaginable. I’m grateful for the trust and support I’ve received, allowing me to pursue my vision and turn ideas into reality.”

Schmorrow’s peers and top SoarTech leadership have recognized him as a driving force behind some of SoarTech’s most significant achievements due to his expertise in human-systems integration, autonomy, and artificial intelligence, which has also proven invaluable in the company’s efforts to pioneer research in augmented cognition. SoarTech colleagues say Schmorrow has also impacted the company’s corporate culture by acting as a mentor in professionally developing junior team members by sharing his knowledge and experience.

“You can count on Dylan to bring high energy and relentless customer focus to our team,” said Charlie Kola, SoarTech’s chief financial officer. “He’s always willing to do whatever else it takes to ensure our solutions truly meet our customers’ needs.”

Looking forward, Schmorrow said he was filled with a sense of excitement for the future.

“The possibilities ahead are boundless, and I’m eager to continue propelling SoarTech to even greater heights,” Schmorrow said. “Together, we’ll continue to push the boundaries of innovation, inspire each other, and make a lasting impact on the world around us. Thank you for an extraordinary decade, and here’s to an even brighter future together.”

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