SoarTech is Now an Accelint Company

SoarTech is proud to announce: SoarTech is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Accelint.

Accelint represents the strategic alliance of five esteemed industry leaders: Systems Innovation Engineering, SoarTech, Forward Slope, Highbury Defense Group and Hypergiant. This unification enables further collaboration across the brands for the delivery of heightened solutions to the United States and its allied partners.

“We could not be more excited to build upon the great legacies of FSI, Highbury Defense, Hypergiant, SoarTech and SIE,” says Mike Betzer, President of Accelint. “Each of these companies contributes a unique skill set that, when unified under our shared vision, has the capacity to change the world. Accelint represents a force for good for the United States and its allies.”

“As we step into this new chapter as part of Accelint, I am thrilled about the opportunities that lie ahead,” states Dylan Schmorrow, Ph.D., CEO and President. “At SoarTech, we have always been committed to pioneering AI solutions that empower our military’s capabilities. Now, under Accelint, that potential is magnified. This synergy is not just about growth; it’s about setting new benchmarks in AI and achieving unprecedented outcomes for the United States and its allies.”

Accelint plans to launch its new website this Summer 2024.


Accelint is a unified organization powered by: Forward Slope, Highbury Defense Group, Hypergiant, SoarTech, and Systems Innovation Engineering. Fueled by the collaboration of 5 industry-leading companies and backed by over 20 years of experience, Accelint provides comprehensive AI-forward solutions designed to deliver the situational awareness, agility, and resilience necessary to maintain a decisive edge in increasingly complex environments. For more information on Accelint, please visit or contact


At SoarTech, we recognize that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an essential force-multiplier for humans. Since our founding in 1998, our core mission has been to solve the most sophisticated problems faced by the military by supporting our warfighters with advanced AI solutions. Our technologies are developed to learn and adapt to new data and situations effectively and efficiently. We emphasize the development of AI solutions that can offer explanations, an essential ingredient for ensuring users trust in AI. We combine leading experts in research and engineering to develop unique, impactful solutions that save time, money, and lives. For more information about our AI solutions, visit

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