SoarTech’s UE4 development team can provide 3D models, animations, and programmatic functionality using the latest gaming standards to complement any training and simulation project.

Sample projects include the following:


  • Uses UE4 to develop a Emergency EGRESS parachute simulation
  • Displays AAR (after action review) of simulation when pilot touches down
  • Utilizes Kinect to track legs of pilot
  • Employs integrated sensors to allow physical interaction with the simulator
  • Features 3-view camera rig
    • Top – view parachute above for any malfunctions
    • Front – view in front of pilot
    • Below – view below pilot to see landing zone

Adjust Fire

  • Designed for Unity and ported into the UE4 based upon customer requirements
  • Offers stationary single target practice for a Joint Fire Operator to direct an Indirect Fire team to hit a target in a setting without a larger “story” about the setting
  • Utilizes Oculus as the HMD

AVANT (Avatar-Administered Neuro-psychological Testing)

  • Uses UE4 to develop an automated language-based assessment system of an individual’s psychological state that is primarily self-administered
  • Features interaction via natural language with a virtual clinician

Virtual Tour Guide

  • Uses UE4 to develop a virtual receptionist who will greet, remember, and direct visitors
  • Uses facial recognition to identify repeat visitors
  • Utilizes Kinect for interaction

For more information about the SoarTech/Epic partnership, please contact Eric Ortiz at

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