Meet Elaine Choy: SoarTech’s Research Associate Intern

Elaine Choy is a new research associate intern in the Orlando office, currently working toward her doctorate at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. “I have enjoyed the collaborative learning environment within the Human Factors Department,” she said. “There are so many research opportunities to get involved with, and the faculty are extremely supportive of student interests.”

As SoarTech focuses on addressing tough military problems, human-centered AI solutions are key. “The diversity of humans, especially down to our behaviors, is limitless,” Elaine explained. “Currently, most critical systems and decisions have a human-in-the-loop, especially in the military because we are adaptable to the situation and/or environment, but we are still error-prone. Therefore, it is critical to keep advancing AI technology that can better learn from and support humans in addressing tough military problems.”

The internship allows Elaine to work on specific skills. “I would love to learn technology development skills, like coding for AI and being a part of bringing a prototype to a fully functional capacity,” she said.

Elaine enjoys cooking and baking, watching TV or movies, and Olympic weightlifting.

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