“My favorite thing about SoarTech is the professional growth that SoarTech helps foster,” Yao said. “I feel like I have learned a lot during my time here working on a wide variety of projects. I think my greatest accomplishment has been being able to quickly learn many different new technologies that I had not had experience with before joining SoarTech.”

When Ryan Yao, SoarTech software engineer, was younger, he thought he wanted to be a doctor like his mom or go into academia for math or history. “I was very interested in math and history, but after taking one of the intro computer science courses during college, I fell in love with the subject,” Yao said.

“I joined SoarTech because the work SoarTech does in artificial intelligence (AI) sounded interesting and rewarding, and also because of SoarTech’s generous job benefits and good work-life balance,” said the University of Michigan graduate.

When Yao isn’t working with his SoarTech team, he likes playing tennis and “nerding out,” playing video games and watching anime. “Recently, my roommates and I have gotten into longboarding.”


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