Nick Anna: Drawn to SoarTech at the Prospect of Helping Warfighters

Nick Anna studied physics on his GI Bill at the University of Southern Maine. “I was drawn to SoarTech by the opportunity to work with great people, cutting-edge technology and the prospect of helping our nation’s warfighters,” he said.

Nick always wanted to be an engineer, but not necessarily a software engineer. “When I was younger, I wanted to study engineering at my hometown’s flagship university, the Naval Academy, as a route to the cockpit of an F18,” he said. As it turns out, his eyes were “terrible,” and instead he joined the Army infantry and ended up on a keyboard behind a BASH terminal.

“I believe human-centered AI is going to be key to our nation’s defense going forward,” Nick said. “AI presents a very unique set of risks to the security of the American state, and the best way to mitigate these risks is to enable the proven defender of the American state, the U.S. service member, with the best AI enabled tools to spot and respond to them.”

Nick’s favorite “job” seems to be that of dad! “I am the proud father of four beautiful children,” he said. “I enjoy deep wilderness backpacking, and building and crashing first-person view racing quadcopters.”

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