University of Central Florida graduate and SoarTech Lead Scientist Daniel Barber joined SoarTech because of its “world class experts” in both artificial intelligence and human-autonomy teaming. “I wanted to work with a team to better tackle the biggest challenges,” said Daniel.

Although always interested in science, a younger Daniel wanted to be an artist. “There is a lot of art and creativity needed in the sciences, which I believe I’ve been able to incorporate into my career,” he explained.

That creativity has been key to helping Daniel and his team find solutions to help our military. “I have really enjoyed bringing autonomy to bear in support of countering the threat of small unmanned air systems for the Air Force, as well as objective physiological measurement of a pilot’s trust in autonomy for DARPA.”

“The military operates across a continuum of operations and environments where having a human-centered AI solution will best support the warfighter in meeting mission objectives with overpowering force,” he said.

Since becoming a part of the SoarTech team, Daniel feels his greatest accomplishment has been successfully supporting the development and demonstration of autonomy capable of generating courses of action to rapidly counter the threat of small unmanned air systems.

When Daniel isn’t working, he enjoys the outdoors and playing video games. But when he is at SoarTech, one of his favorite things about the company is the people. “The best way to improve yourself is to be surrounded by the smartest and most talented people you can find to challenge you, and SoarTech has the best people developing human-centered AI,” he said.


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