Scientist Spotlight – Daniela Miele

SoarTech Research Associate Daniela Miele is a graduate of University of Central Florida, earning her bachelor’s degree in Psychology on a Human Factors Track. This month, she is starting at Embry-Riddle Worldwide, working toward obtaining her master’s degree in Human Factors.

“SoarTech’s mission is what really caught my eye and brought me here,” Daniela said. “I am highly intrigued by automation/AI, specifically understanding how humans interact with these complex systems to optimize design. I feel my interests aligned very well with the company and I am very excited to contribute to such meaningful work.”

It wasn’t that Daniela always knew she wanted to be scientist, but she did know she wanted to do something science or STEM-related. “When I began my undergraduate career, I was majoring in aerospace engineering,” she explained. “However, I quickly realized I wasn’t fascinated with the math behind the problem, but rather the behind-the-scenes research as to why technology is designed the way it is and how humans interact with such technology.”

In her free time, Daniela likes to watch TV, go shopping and read.

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